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Best Selling Training Tools for Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, Figure Skating, Pilates and More!

Port de Band™ and Ballet Feet Stretcher are our most popular training tools. 

Port de Band™

I have recently designed a training tool for dancers that gently enhances upper body strength and reminds dancers to initiate port de bras from their backs and stretch and elongate their arms in 2nd, 5th and arabesque positions. While it certainly is no replacement for proper training and technique, it does offer the dancer awareness and added control as the Port de Band™ can be worn during dance class. Adjustable and thin resistance bands are attached at the waist and wrists which encourage the dancer to take their arm position to the proper placement, not too straight and not too curved. The band is adjustable in length so it can fit students with different arm lengths. Please take look at my Port de Band™ website and share any feedback you have for me. 

Ballet Feet Stretcher

While training as a dancer, I was putting my feet under couches, pinching my Achilles tendons and bruising my heels to get a better point. After many years of stretching and strengthening exercises, I can say my feet became more flexible but I was lucky that I didn’t do permanent damage to my feet. Watching my students and professional dance colleagues struggle to improve their point inspired me to design Ballet Feet Stretcher and bring a comfortable, portable, adjustable and safer feet stretching tool to dancers. 
I saw so many dancers using the flat wooden foot stretches with no protection from sickling. I designed my product so that the foot would not sickle and achilles tendon would not pinch. The stretch band is adjustable so the amount of stretch can be tailored to the student’s current flexibility.