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Miss Kim’s Dance Activities

 Hello Dancers and Dance Parents, 

I lost the note I had written to dancers and parents...  the rewrite is in progress. 

I hope you are staying positive and able to enjoy this extra time with your families. I know I am missing the dance students and can’t wait until we will be able to resume dance classes. 

I have created and curated some dance activities for you and hope you find them useful to stay engaged and active. Please use this page to improve your flexibility, strength and stamina, but not to try new, more advanced steps. Dancer safety is a concern. Skip or alter steps if you they are too difficult or you may do them with improper technique! 

When doing the dance class videos, remember the corrections your teacher has given you and make sure you are moving with proper technique. Remember to dance with confidence and a smile! 

Brain Dance Warm up - a great way to start your day!


Cardio Warm up - use this as a brain break or a warm up for stretching or following a video. 

Maricopa County Public Health partnered with the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, and Univision Arizona, to produce a fun, easy-to-follow dance workout video for schools. 

Stretching Warm up - great to do anytime, especially before class 

This stretch and strength routine is taken directly from the ADTA Junior Syllabus, Warm up #1. The introductory video is the Teachers Training Module for this technique warm-up. While it is designed for teachers, it is still suitable for students who would like a detailed explanation of each exercise. This technique warm-up takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Be sure to perform it three times per week while you are training at home right now. 

Visit their youtube channel to see videos of individual exercises from this series after you are familiar with the proper technique. Be safe and don’t push yourself too much!


Deborah Vogel – Basic Dance Anatomy Series with worksheet/study guides. Wonderful information regarding dancer’s anatomy. 

Correlating Study Guides are available for download at the links below.

Video Links:
Lesson 1 feet:
Lesson 2 flex/point:
Lesson 3 pronation/supination:
Lesson 4 ankle circles:
Lesson 5 knees:

Word Search Ballet  - I’m having trouble getting all the puzzles to load. 


This is a beginner ballet class for ages 6-7 (maybe 8) years old. They start in the center with technical exercises that help with strength and flexibility. Then they move into ballet technique at the barre, and end with some traveling. Students review plies, tendues and a few more skills.

This is an at home practice ballet class for younger kids taking ballet. During this time of quarantine while so many kids are home, I'll be offering some of my videos for free, just to keep the kids busy and in the mood to dance!


Dancers, I suggest you alternate between these three classes and see if you have a huge preference for one. 

Tiler Peck, dancer with New York City Ballet teaches a class from her home. Lillyana from Ballet IV gives it a "thumbs up"!

Ballet IV dancers made need to simplify some exercises. I suggest you keep your Arm in 2nd position so you can concentrate on your feet, legs and placement. 

Ballet Class with Wendy Whelan: 

This is a full ballet class, but you can do the barre at home! 

Barre Work at Home with Dance Teacher Francisco Gella

You don't have to have a studio set up in your home to be able to give yourself barre work. In this instructional Dance Video, Francisco will give you all the fundamentals on how to keep it going even if you don't have an actual barre.



Very Silly and imaginative Pre-Ballet class for little ones. 

Join Miss Erin and her students as they journey through magical places and dance with her magical friends along the way! With original songs, animation, and puppets, children can practice the basic fundamentals of preschool dance movement


Beginner Hip Hop dance course by @darrenrwong is being given away for free until March 31st while we are all practicing social distancing. Must use this special link below. You will be taken to a log in page. Add you email and a password to create your own account.



Dance Tutorial for Easy Kids Choreography (AGES 4+) from Mihran Kirakosian's YouTube Channel hip hop classes



For a complete and thorough warm up the first 13 exercises should be completed in the designated order.

Music can be downloaded here:


For a complete and thorough warm up the first 13 exercises should be completed in the designated order.

Music can be downloaded here:




Cathy Roe’s at home practice jazz class for younger kids. During this time of quarantine while so many kids are home, she'll be offering some of her videos for free, just to keep the kids busy and in the mood to dance! For more free videos, see her web site at and look on the free videos tab. 

 What is Jazz dance? In this video presentation, jazz dance choreographer and professor Bob Boross give background on the original formation of jazz dance, it's movement characteristics, and how those characteristics are visible in contemporary forms of jazz dance.

KCYA Dance Performance Videos:

I am experimenting with different options to share. I think the best may be to upload to youtube, but music may be an issue. 

Test - youtube unlisted - if unlisted, maybe I can skirt music copyright claims.!AuVHZ4FWUzZ-goI4DMoBw52723IDHQ?e=mTsk8T!AuVHZ4FWUzZ-goI51qt9Nfwoe1yfsw?e=zbNfoW

Space Dance January 2020 OneDrive Link

Space Dance January 2020  Google Drive Link from Titus