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Online Dance Class Planner - Ballet

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Online Dance Class Planner - Ballet

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Fill in your Ballet Class details:

  • Name, Class Name, Date and Day of the Week (Option to add email of studio owner if you would like to send them a copy of your class
  • Drop Down Menus for 15 Ballet Barre and 10 Ballet Center Combinations
  • Add Exercise, Details, CD or Playlist, Song or Track and Combination text field
  • Reflections Field: Unlimited text 
  • Music Field: Paste your playlist and/or Spotify URL with option to open Spotify 
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Working on this! In the future you may receive a special “View Only LINK” with all the classes submitted to Online Dance Class Planner. You will have access to your classes as well as all other classes submitted. Teacher’s names will be omitted so your classes will be anonymous! 


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Ballet Feet Stretcher Customer Reviews! 


As a dancer and studio owner I cannot say enough how much I LOVE this! A high quality foot stretcher that gives a perfect and safe resistance while improving those ever needed pointed and flexible feet. I have seen amazing results from my students! It is fun, portable and easy to use. I recommend every dancer add using one to their daily routine.


Everything about the Ballet Feet Stretcher is FABULOUS! I am a dance major and professional freelance dancer and I love the Ballet Feet Stretcher! The stick end is great because it is the perfect size and allows you to put your heel on the inside of it as you stretch your foot to wing it as opposed to sickling your foot. It also is great because it can act as a roller and get out even the most stubborn leg and foot cramps. Additionally, the stretcher allows the perfect amount of stretch for the foot and is easy to slide your foot into. The clever heel cushion comforts your achilles and heel if needed. I additionally love how the Ballet Feet stretcher splits condenses for easy travel (it even comes with a cute purple bag to carry it in). It is small enough to fit in your dance bag or dance locker and to use it in small spaces, backstage and in the studio. The bonus gift (stones and theraband) are also great! I used marbles in the past and they would roll all over the floor. The stones are a great fix to this problem though as they don't roll! The theraband adds nice resistance and is thick, made of a quality material that does not rip easily. I HIGHLY recommend this product!


I bought the ballet feet stretcher for my daughter. She loves the product and has been using it every day.


I haven't been using it long, but I can already see a huge difference in my foot and ankle flexibility. This is exactly what I needed to help push just a little bit further. I would definitely recommend it.

Port de Band® Customer Reviews 


The Port de Band is one of the most helpful tools I've used in my dance training. I knew by watching a YouTube video that this tool would be beneficial to me for strengthening my arms and teaching me to use them properly. I was, however, hesitant that the therabands might snap with repeated use. As soon as I received my Port de Band in the mail I inspected the design. Velcro and grommets!! It's absolutely genius! I feel confident using the Port de Band in every practice. It is great quality. Not only that, but it's also comfortable. I love using it! I cannot say enough good things about it. So glad I took the chance on the Port de Band.


Once you get this adjusted, this really gives a great workout! I do port de bras with it on to improve my arms. It's much more effective than doing a bunch of bicep curls because it strengthens in the back of the arm, which is more needed for ballet.


This product is wonderful for any dancer, skater, or gymnast looking to work on back and arm strengthening, proper alignment, using the entire arm to complete movements and to avoid "chicken arms" and "droopy elbows". I am a professional freelance dancer, figure skating coach and dance teacher and I can't say enough good things about this product. It has certainly helped my dancers and skaters feel the correct way to complete their port de bras as well as helping them learn to self-correct because they know the band should feel taught and should be resisting their movements if they are using it properly. It is worth the money and is constructed extremely well aiding even the most competitive dancers and skaters who use it for hours each day. The Port de Band is a GREAT tool and I HIGHLY recommend it.


My daughter absolutely loves this, perfect for her to improve her port de bras and other upper body techniques. It comes in a lovely pouch for easy storage in her dance bag. 

Seller was lovely and very helpful, a pleasure to do busy with. 

Thank you 


I initially ordered 2, we tried them in class and realized how incredibly helpful they are to helping the dancer understand proper placement, how to move arms, aid in dancing, etc. So we now have ordered 15 more! Can't wait to get them and start using them in technique and choreography classes!


Bought this for my granddaughter and she loves having her own. 


I ordered one to use in class - each class someone gets to use it ! They realize with this invention the muscles they SHOULD be using in class ! The next day the tell me all of the muscles that are sore and they are all the muscles they should be using ! So much better than trying to wrap therabands around my students arms etc! 


I loved using it to find the back muscles through a port de bras sequence on my YouTube channel: Next I want to film the band in use by a student so I can show the muscles that are activated in the back~ Thank you Miss Kim. I know my readers will be thrilled to win one in the upcoming Giveaway!


This is a wonderful for dancers. Working the upper body with resistance while engaging and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Everyone should have this product. Great holiday present for any ballet dancer.


This is a terrific idea. The review was great on youtube. It sounded like it would be just what I need. However, I don't know if my arms are too long or what, but it just didn't work for me. Customer Service was very helpful and offered some advice on how to adjust it. But I tried a few different lengths and positions and it didn't work for me. They were kind enough to refund my money, so I didn't get stuck with the purchase. It was worth a try.


Just recieved the Port de Band last week. The students say they can really feel where the band is giving them resistance and making their port de bra stronger.


Perfect for port de bras and strengthening arms. This is exactly what i was looking for.


My 6 yr old daughter LOVES both ballet and gymnastics. She's currently using the bands to her build her upper body strength for gymnastics. Within a few weeks of using the bands at home, there is a BIG difference in her ability on the bars in gymnastics. (Her pull overs, casts and back hip circles are SO much better). She LOVES "playing" with her bands at home and also has started to want to wear them in ballet class too. I have a set of bands for myself so she's MY COACH at home. She loves showing me what she can do and we're have fun together.

I'd highly recommend the bands.

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