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Dance with Miss Kim - Live and Online Interactive Dance Classes

Miss Kim Dance - Live and Online

Private and Small Group dance lessons via Zoom or Outdoors
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I am available for Zoom or In-person classes at your location.

It is my goal to help dance students continue to
enjoy the benefits of dance as much as possible during
these trying times.

While I am also very nervous about how the pandemic will affect dancers and studios for the months/years to come, I love a challenge! As this situation unfolds,
I am learning that LIVE and ONLINE INTERACTIVE classes are much more satisfying and successful that any other option.

Many studios are closed or only offering recorded videos or live streamed classes with no interaction with their students. I chose video conferencing to allow me to dance WITH my students and offer real-time, live feedback just like a regular class.

I have made it my goal to keep dancers dancing and give myself the opportunity
to continue to do what I love... Teaching, connecting and sharing my love of dance!

Benefits of Live and Online Dance
with Miss Kim

  • training continues despite studio closures
  • real time feedback keeps dancers engaged
  • improves mood
  • lessens anxiety and loneliness
  • balance, strength, flexibility, technique
About Me

Private and Small Group
Dance Options

  • Ballet - Beginner to Advanced ballet classes for ages 3 to adult
  • Mixed Style Movement for Fun - No experience necessary
  • Stretch and Strength conditioning classes
  • Looking for something else? Contact me!
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My Home Dance Studio

  • No distractions for students
  • Students can see me completely
  • Students can hear me clearly
  • Extra Monitor allows me to see and offer compliments and corrections to dancers while I am demonstrating exercises
  • Safe: Only registered students allowed in classes

Classes online or at your chosen location.

Discounts based on number of classes:
2nd class: 10% discount, 3rd class: 17% discount, 4th class: 25% discount
Free Trial Class for new students! Click the Botton below and create an account to enroll in a free trial class.

Easy 1-2-3 Instructions for accessing the online virtual classes will be emailed to you after registration.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Go to Portal
Step #1
Click Video Link
Your Personal Parent Portal will show the classes available to you. 
Step #2
Go to “My”Class 
If you haven’t downloaded Zoom, you will be asked to do that now.  
Step #3
Choose “Call using Internet Audio"
Get ready to dance and have fun!