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Chinese Finger Traps are a fun and cheap training tool for Port de Bras and 1st position

Posted by Kim Shope on

A wonderfully simple and cheap training tool to use for ballet, jazz and tap students. 

Do you students struggle to hold their hands properly in first position, en bas or high 5th? Give each student one of these Chinese Finger Traps and watch how they magically hold their hands and arms in the correct position. Place the tool on their middle finger and instruct them to touch their thumb to the material. 

Works great for younger and older Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern or Lyrical Dance students.

***If you use as a training aid to improve port de bras during pirouettes, be careful! They won’t be able to separate their hands if they fall. Build up to using with pirouettes. ***

Only $7.41 for 72 units! Its a great deal! May also be available at your local Dollar Store or Toy Store! 







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