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Extra Income Ideas for Dance Teachers and Dance Studio Owners

Posted by Kim Shope on

Dance Teachers looking for extra income? Here are some of the best ideas for Dance teachers to supplement their dance class income. 

There are many ways to earn additional income with part-time jobs during the hours you are not teaching in your home studio. I have lists for dance or fitness related income,  non-dance related income and sales opportunities. 


Dance or Fitness Related: 

I get it! You love dance, you are trained as a dancer, but its tough to generate enough income from just teaching dance classes. Most likely you are an independent contractor, with no benefits. You may be in your early 20’s and really want to move out of your parents house and make it on your own using all your dance training! 

  • Research organizations like the National Dance Institute or NDI-NM. A 2 week Intensive will help prepare you to teach dance in schools and could even inspire you to create a full program for in-school elementary students in your area.
  • Teach basic dance or tumbling at local pre-schools
  • Senior Center dance and movement classes
  • Choreograph for School plays and dance teams
  • Teach dance to gymnasts and figure skaters 
  • Work in a dancewear shop
  • Get certified to teach Pilates, Yoga, Stott Fitness, Barre Method, Beachboy, Zumba, POUND, or create your own unique and new class! 
  • Private Dance Lessons
  • Talk to local dance studios and ask if they need help with administration work, cleaning, social media updates, and if you are crafty, you can make props and do minor costume alterations. 
  • Teach Master Classes
  • Learn how to use music editing software and edit performance or competition songs for dance, gymnastics and figure skating. 
  • Create business making and selling leotards, leg warmers, dance training tools, hair bows, barrettes, sequin appliqués, lip balms, lotions, soaps, performance gifts, wall hangings, ballerina dolls, etc. There are so many possibilities! You can sell to local dance studios, dancewear stores or create and online business with Facebook, Ebay, Etsy or Shopify!  
  • Studios: Rent studio during off hours, offer Team Building Dance Workshops, Birthday Parties, Parents Night Out, Movie Nights, vending machine, dancewear, fundraisers, babysitting network, advertise other business on website and performance programs, wedding dance lessons, etc. 

Somewhat Dance related: 

  • Teach modeling and/or etiquette classes
  • Talk to local dance studios and ask if they need help with administration work, cleaning, social media updates, and if you are crafty, you can make props and 
  • Receptionist at yoga, fitness or dance studios - you may even receive FREE classes!
  • Model for Art School and Drawing Classes
  • Rent your studio 

Not dance related:

  • Starbucks! I’ve heard they offer benefits with only 16 hours/week. 
  • Retail 
  • Nanny
  • Baby sit
  • TaskRabbit:
  • Teach English to Chinese Students: (Bachelor's Degree required) 
  • Medical Billing or Medical Coding jobs can be done from home 
  • Wait tables, host/hostess or bartend
  • Promotional modeling 
  • Drive an Uber
  • Deliver groceries for Shipt.
  • Movie Theater
  • Wine advisor - Wines For Humanity. Teach people about wine while raising funds for charity. 
  • House Cleaning- Talk to your friends and family and build up a recurring clientele
  • Pet sitting and Pet Walking- Get paid to play with animals! 
  • Scour thrift stores and/or collect free items from friends cleaning out their garages and closets and have yard sales or sell on Craigslist, Ebay, etc. Pick clean items that are in good shape or can be easily cleaned or refurbished. 


Sales Opportunities:  

Do you enjoy social media and networking? Independent sales may be what your looking for! Become one of my Affiliate Brand Ambassadors and receive 10% referral bonus on all sales or purchase multiple quantities at large discounts to sell to local dancers and dancewear shops.  


Unfortunately, at first, it’s most likely that you may not generate enough income from just teaching dance. While adding more classes, supplement your teaching with multiple streams of income. 
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