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What do they say about my Port de Band® by Testimonials and Reviews by real dance teachers and educators!

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Quite often I see someone asking questions about my products on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It may be a Dancer, Dance Mom, Ballet Student or Ballet Teacher that is excited to find my products but just wants a little more reassurance from their peers that my Port de Band® works as intended and helps dancers improve their port de bras and upper body strength. 

I don’t always feel comfortable sharing all my glowing testimonials on their post, so I decided to compile a list of a few resources that talk about my training tools for students and instructors of dance, ballet, gymnastics, figure skating, yoga, Pilates and more. 

This is definitely not all of the rave reviews, but can be a helpful resource for you to learn what others have to say about my training tools and dancer equipment. 

Dr. Alexis Sams -–-Product-Review

Dr. Alexis Sams PT Port de Band review


Tricia Gomez of Rhythm Works and Dance in a Box:

Sarah Arnold - The Accidental Artist:
Port de Band® Student Demonstration: 
Port de Bras wearing the Port de Band®
Kathryn Morgan - former New York City Ballet Dancer
Port de Band® and Ballet Feet Stretcher Testimonial: 
Can also be seen on my product pages!
Molly Dies' Dance Express

Molly Dies loves Port de Band

Here is Molly's 5-star review! "WE LOVE THEM!
I initially ordered 2, we tried them in class and realized how incredibly helpful they are to helping the dancer understand proper placement, how to move arms, aid in dancing, etc. So we now have ordered 15 more! Can't wait to get them and start using them in technique and choreography classes!"

Youtube Video Molly Dies' Dance Express Rehearsal with full company wearing Port de Band®:


My first videos describing my new Port de Band®:
Youtube Port de Band® Promo #1:
Youtube Port de Band® Promo #2


Port de Band review

Read other reviews and Purchase the Port de Band® Here

created the Port de Band® after being frustrated with my students droopy arms and flaccid upper body muscles during dance classes. I tried so many other ideas including water bottles, weights, wrapping a thera band around the back and arms. There were inherent flaws with all options and I wanted something that didn’t take up extra time during class to configure. I had just started successfully selling my newly designed Ballet Feet Stretcher and started experimenting with something to increase upper body strength and improve port de bars. Voilå - the Port de Band® was invented! After months and months of researching, sourcing supplies and meeting with other dancers and physical therapists, my design was finalized. I have sold more than a hundred over the past year and a half or so, but I am terrible at marketing and with my studio and busy life, I don’t have the time or talent to really  improve my website, graphic design, videos, etc so I really rely on word of mouth referrals! 
As you can read in the blog post, people really do love the Port de Band® and have found it extremely useful. 


Thank you! 

Miss Kim 

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