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FREE Ballet Class Music - Really! Ballet Class Music for FREE!

Posted by Kim Shope on

FREE Ballet Class Music - Really! Ballet Class Music for FREE! 

Download Free MP3’s for to inspire and awe your Ballet Class Students! These are wonderful free resources to help you plan the perfect ballet class or dance class and help you create amazing combinations that will improve your dancer’s technique. 

I know finding new and inspiring music for your ballet classes can be tedious and demanding. I have been frustrated many times by the sound quality of a purchased CD or downloaded MP3. These sites give you full-length tracks and/or albums for you to test.

Free Tracks for your Ballet Class by Ray Lindsay:

Ballet Class Music-Originals:

Ballet Class Music- Jazz:

Pop Songs for Ballet:

Super Deal Alert! Downloads of all of Soren Bebe’s Music for $27:

 Completely Free Ballet Music Tracks: - Right Click each track and save as, create a new playlist, then find saved folder and drag all songs into your playlist! Voila! New free music! 

Not sure how this one works- seems confusing to actually get to the free downloads- Piano Music for Ballet Classes – Boris Yakshov

*** I do not receive any compensation for sales made from these site! I just wanted to share my research**

 I also recommend Ballegro Player App for Ballet Class - see my review here.

If you are interested in a new way to create, organize and save your Dance Classes, you can check out my Dance Class Planners

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