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Ballegro Player - Ballet Teacher Music App - Review- I LOVE IT!

Posted by Kim Shope on

Looking for some new music?  I get so tired of hearing the same 10 or 20 playlists! Yes, I purchase new tunes all the time but the beauty of this app is that they will be adding songs monthly. Imagine getting beautiful new music every month without agonizing over which tracks or albums to purchase! The app is set up so you choose from the ballet class exercise list, then pick one of the many song choices!


Ballegro pianist app ballet teacher music app

BALLEGRO PLAYER is a ballet music class app created for ballet teachers and students. It currently has 140 songs (MORE NOW!) Especially chosen and recorded for teaching and practicing ballet.  More Songs coming soon and every month! 

  • Choose songs specifically for warmup, pliés, tendus (slow or fast). Degas (slow or fast), petits battements, rond de jambe, adage, frappé, fondu, grand battement, rises, stretch, tendu center, adagio and port de bras, relevés, pirouettes, petit allegro, medium allegro, grand allegro, men’s allegro, traveling center, coda (coming soon) and reverence (coming soon) 

  • Music quality is exceptional! 
  • You can create your own playlists from the songs or just pick and choose from the ballet class exercise list. 

  • Choose rhythms, number of phrases, time signatures, genres, and more! 
  • I love that this app already has 140 songs (more coming soon) that I can choose from. It seems like a new album every time I use it!

  • Easy to use buttons allow you to play, pause, go back to the beginning of track, jump to next song, speed up, slow down, and will repeat tracks for doing exercises on both sides!

  • Below the player, it has extremely helpful information about the composer and the music. 

  • You can repeat each song as many times as you like. 


This app is for you if:

  • you are a student and would like to give yourself class at home. 
  • you are a ballet teacher and looking for an easy to use app with new music choices added monthly. 
  • you need to change the tempo of your ballet class exercise music easily and quickly. 


There are a few things I hope they include in future updates: 

  1. ability to import your own songs   DONE! 
  2. ability to rename songs in playlists for dance rehearsals and performances DONE! 
  3. a native app might be nice, but I'm not having any trouble using the Ballegro player website aon my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Developers predict the app will be released Summer 2017 if not earlier.   YES! 

If conclusion, I think the Ballegro Player beta offer is a steal at $229 for a full year of free music. The creators have been very helpful and open to suggestions. I believe this music player is a wonderful addition to my other music apps, the incredible music already purchased by many talented accompanists! 

Feel free to ask questions! I may be able to share more of my experience with the app! 

Miss Kim xoxoxo

 Ballegro Player App for Ballet class music

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