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Stretch and Strength Exercise Checklist Free to copy!

Posted by Kim Shope on


FREE Stretch and Strength Exercise Checklist to motivate you to stretch every day. Great for dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters and more! Share with your students to help them stay flexible and strong! My students who use this have made amazing progress on their splits, hamstring flexibility and core strength. 

If you would like to purchase an editable PDF of similar checklists in color, click Dance Class Planners in the Navigation Bar. 

Just Right click and save the image to your desktop to share with your students or use for yourself! 

Be sure to check out all my amazing training tools for students and teachers of dance, gymnastics, figure skating, yoga, Pilates and fitness. Foot Stretchers to improve point and arches and Port de Band™ to increase upper body strength and muscle memory for wonderful port de bras.



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