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Best Exercises to improve Dancer’s feet and point for ballet

Posted by Kim Shope on

I spent years putting my feet under couches, pinching my achilles tendons and bruising my heels to get a better point. After many years of stretching and strengthening exercises, I can say my feet became much more flexible. As a teacher of dance, I encourage my students to work safely to stretch and strengthen their feet and arches for dance. The exercises below can be done daily at home or before ballet class at the dance studio. Be sure to use proper technique and stop if you feel any pain.

Relevés are a wonderful and simple way to strengthen your ankles for dance. 

Wearing ballet slippers, socks or bare feet, rise onto demi-pointe slowly and then lower 10 times each:
  • Parallel, 1st Position 
  • Right Foot parallel
  • Left Foot Parallel
  • Right Foot turned out
  • Left Foot Turned out
After the series, be sure to stretch your calf and achilles tendon by stretching one leg behind you and lowering the heel toward the floor or by doing a slow controlled plié. 
Use a StretchBand for resistance.  
  • Press slowly through your toes, and use resistance when coming back to demi-pointe, then to a fully flexed position 10 times each
  • “Write” the alphabet with each foot 
  • Circle your ankle clock wise and counter clockwise 10 times each
Use a Pinky Ball or Foot Roller to increase blood flow (Use can also use the barre of the Ballet Feet Stretcher for rolling)
  • Roll your foot over the ball 
  • Pull your toes, one at a time and stretch them around the ball

Marie Walton of Progressing Ballet Technique has a great video HERE

Use StretchStrength.coms Marble Gems to strengthen your Intrinsic Foot Muscles

  • Pick up each of the Marble Gems with your toes activating the intrinsic muscles of the arch 10 times each foot

A Ballet Foot Stretcher can help achieve more flexibility when used correctly. My Ballet Feet Stretcher mimics the “Leg on the Barre Stretch” and gently stretches in a beautiful beveled position with no sickling or pinching of the heel or achilles tendon. 

 Happy Pointing! 

XOXOX Miss Kim 

Here are two great videos on Kathryn Morgan’s Youtube Channel and another one by Lisa Maree. Enjoy! 


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