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Dance Class Planner - How To Use Video Tutorial

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 Keeping track of your dance classes has never been easier.  With Dance Class Planner you can easily and quickly choose the step or exercise from the drop down menu then add your ballet combination in the below. Dance Class Planner – Beginner to Advanced Ballet Class helps you spend your valuable time more wisely so you can share your love of dance like never before! 


Dance Class Planner is divided into six editable areas: 

  1.  Class Details: Name, Date, Time, Class Number and Studio
  2. Welcome Activities with a drop down menu that allows you to choose common activities or type you own! 
  3. A text box for typing your Class Theme and/or Goals for the Class
  4. Barre Exercises with drop down menus populated with plies, tendus, grand battements, etc. This drop down menu also allows you to type the name of your own exercise if you prefer.  To the Right of this Drop Down Menu is text box for you to note your CD track or name of song.
  5. Center Exercises offer Pirouettes, Adagio, Petit Allegro, Choreography and more. 
  6. Reflection Activities encourage you to note overall feedback from the class, reminders, handouts and Reverence.

The video below walks you through using my Dance Class Planners! It's super easy to develop full session curriculum and classes with my Dance Class Planner! 

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Save your PDF with your class name to re-use this form over and over for every class you teach. You'll never wonder what combination you did last week, last month or last year! 

Your Curriculum, Class Notes and Combinations are safe!   Created for Ballet and Jazz Dance Classes, but can be adapted for for other dance disciplines!


  • Introductions
  • Rules and Etiquette
  • Share something you did last week
  • Name your favorite color, animal, dance step, etc
  • Overview of today’s class
  • Stretches
  • Other
  • Choose One or Type Your Own

BARRE: 12 Combinations

  • Plies
  • Tendus
  • Jetes
  • Rond de Jambe
  • Frappe
  • Fondu
  • Petit battement
  • Stretch
  • Grand Battement
  • Adagio
  • Rond de Jambe en L’air
  • Small Jump Combination
  • Relevé or Pointe Combination
  • Choose One or Type your Own

CENTER: 10 Combinations

  • Choose One or Type Your Own
  • Stretches
  • Adagio
  • Center Combination
  • Pirouettes
  • Relevé or Pointe Combination
  • Warm Up Jump Combination
  • Petit Allegro
  • Medium Allegro
  • Grand Allegro
  • Traveling Turns
  • Men’s Combination
  • Choreography
  • Choose One or Type Your Own

REFLECTION: 5 activities

  • Stretches
  • Reverence
  • Reflection
  • Reminders
  • Handouts
  • Choose One or Type Your Own

Kim Shope 

Resource Type: Lesson Plans and Syllabi, Curriculum

Subject Area: Arts, Dance, Other (Arts)

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